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EstiNet for Modded Minecraft

Survival Pink is our flagship modded survival server, built on the FTB Revelation Modpack.
FTB Revelation requires a higher-end system to run. Your computer will need atleast 8GB of RAM, a fast CPU, and Java 8 (A java version higher will not work).

How to install FTB Revelation

New Users: Follow these instructions

The official way to install FTB modpacks is to download the official launcher from the FTB website.
The large download button downloads the Windows-only Twitch Launcher. Below that button are links to the light-weight and cross platform (Linux, macOS and Windows) legacy launcher.
This is best choice if you want to get started easily.

Official FTB Website
Download and install the Twitch Launcher (for Windows) or the FTB Legacy Launcher for Linux/macOS and launch it. Once the launcher is open, login to Minecraft, then search for and download the "FTB Revelation" modpack from the modpacks list. That's it! Connect to "" when your game is open.

Power Users

However, for those interested, EstiNet recommends the MultiMC launcher, a free, open source, and secure Minecraft Launcher. It works great for vanilla and modded, and works on Linux, Windows, and macOS. If you are using the official FTB Launcher, then you don't have to follow these instructions.

Download MultiMC:

  1. Download and Install MultiMC for your OS. (FOR WINDOWS: Open the ".zip" file, and drag the "MultiMC" folder somewhere, like your desktop. Then open the folder and click the MultiMC icon!)
  2. Open MultiMC and click the "Add Instance" button on the top right corner.
  3. On the sidebar select "FTB Legacy" (don't worry, these are not legacy/old packs).
  4. Under Public Packs, scroll down and select "FTB Revelation" (It's right under "FTB Continuum"). Make sure to select version "2.3.0"!
  5. Press Ok to download and install the Modpack.
  6. On the right-pane, select "Edit Instance". Select "Settings" on the left, then check the "Memory" box. Set the maximum allocation to "4096 MB"
  7. Before playing, click the accounts button on the top right, click "Manage Accounts" and add your Minecraft Account.
  8. With your account added, just double-click on FTB Revelation.

FTB should now be launching. It may take some time to startup. Once it's open, just click on multiplayer on the left side and connect to ""

Playing on Survival Pink

Like Survival Lime, Survival Pink is a unobtrusive Survival experience. There are no extended kits or other kickstarts. You are given money based on the time you are online.

Claiming Land
You will spawn with a golden shovel in your Inventory. This is your claiming wand, and can be used to claim land for you and your friends. Just right-click on the two corners of your base, and those chunks will be claimed. "/trust PLAYER_NAME" can be used to add people to your claim.
Learn more about land claims using GreifPrevention.

Helpful Commands
Survival Pink has a few commands useful commands:

  • /spawn - Return to the server spawn
  • /auc [price] - Auction an item to other players for a specified price.
  • /bid - Bid on the item at sale